SVENSAX is a poetry-driven lyricist, rooted in the influences of glory day hip-hop (Big Daddy Kane and Eric B. & Rakim to Ice Cube and Digable Planets). Sighting Andre 3000 as his biggest lyrical influence, Svensax’s style is best described as multi-layered, pensive thought patterns positioned carefully over syncopated rhythms. His additional projects include Shotgun Radio along with the extremely talented Greco Rosetti. Marcel tapped into his alter-ego, Svensax, to deliver his debut album entitled, “The Rotten Philosophy” (available on iTunes) that has been described as “hip-hop/electro/lounge”. The album’s thought-provoking wordplay nestles perfectly over serene, yet dark and moody soundscapes. Svensax’s aforementioned obsession with detail and order can be witnessed here as every syllable uttered has been strategically placed.